Industrial Dismantling

Industrial Dismantling Contractor Services

Heritage Industrial Services offers a comprehensive, nationwide industrial dismantling contractor service. We provide a complete disassembly and removal package with experienced dismantlers, lifting and rigging equipment and transportation. Safety is first and foremost on every project. We can do what others cannot.

Industrial Dismantling Contractor Services    Industrial Dismantling Contractor Services by Heritage Industrial Services

Industrial Dismantling Safety

Heritage Industrial Services is committed to protecting our workers and the surrounding public and environment on each and every disassembly and dismantlement project. Safety is a priority on every dismantling project, as well as quality control and adherence to all specifications and budgetary goals. Our OSHA trained and experienced crews are capable of handling all types of demanding / technical projects, from dismantling the smallest single piece of equipment to an entire plant.

The following is a sample list of projects we specialize in rigging, dismantlement and removal:

Boiler Dismantling and Removal

We are capable of performing the removal of one or multiple boilers along with associated equipment, piping, motors, etc. Not only can we remove the old equipment but we can install the new equipment to help you save time on your schedule as well as save you money.

Steel Tank Dismantling

Heritage Industrial has dismantled and rigged out numerous vessels and tanks of different shapes and sizes. We can selectively remove one tank or remove an entire tank farm or process. We also have no issue working in active facilities. Tight spaces or areas with access issues are no problem for Heritage Industrial Services.

Water Towers and Smoke Stacks

We can remove all types of water towers as well as smoke stacks (both steel, brick or other material).

Obsolete Equipment and Structures Removal

We are capable of safely removing obsolete equipment, vessels, tanks, etc. from your facility. We have worked in active plants and also during shutdowns. We can also remove any obsolete structures such as mezzanines, bridge cranes, elevated platforms, etc. All removal work is done with strict attention to safety.