Millwright Work

Millwright and Plant and Machinery Moving Services by Heritage Industrial ServicesMillwright and Plant and Machinery Moving Services by Heritage Industrial Services

The work of millwrights is an essential part of keeping factories, power plants, and water/wastewater facilities running smoothly. This is because it is their job to install, maintain, dismantle, reassemble and move your machinery. These professionals are well trained to perform machine repairs, modifications, and precision alignment in order to correctly keep your facilities running as they should. Hiring a skilled and experienced millwright company is crucial to maintaining a safe and efficient modern workplace.

Heritage Industrial Services can provide millwright services from trained professionals to make sure that the job is done right the first time.

The following is a sample list of equipment we specialize in installing, maintaining, dismantling, moving and reassembling:

· Blow Molders
· Boilers
· Centrifuges
· Chillers
· Cooling Towers
· Dryers
· Evaporators
· Extruders
· Filters
· Generators
· Heat Exchangers
· Injection Molders
· Mixers
· Pelletizer
· Power Generation Equipment
· Reactors
· Refiners
· Tanks
· Turbines
· All Others types of Equipment